The Pugmill Bakehouse

We are now CLOSED and thank all those who came to enjoy our wood-fired community kitchen at The Farnham Pottery

The Pugmill Bakehouse is a community kitchen where handmade food will be made to be shared.

Our vision is for this kitchen to restore the long tradition of creative wood fired production at The Farnham Pottery and to follow the rhythm of traditional seasonal handmade food production.

Embedded within the inspiring ethos and setting of creative production and active communal participation at the Farnham Pottery, our workshops and events are for groups to enjoy the art, craft, and mindfulness of cooking with fire, capturing the flavours of cooking in clay, and  making, sharing and celebrating food handmade by traditional methods in community, around a single table.

By connecting with potters, other communities, and artisan producers and makers we will have a full monthly programme of workshops and events, where people will come to experience and share a traditional calendar of food and folklore, foods or drinks made at and in time-honoured ways, and celebrating food produced together.

Be prepared to be All Fired Up!

























The Pugmill Bakehouse is now closed but Are you ready to gather around the Hearth someday?

The Pugmill Bakehouse WAS DESIGNED AS a wood fired community kitchen specialising in workshops and community gatherings. A socially minded business, my erstwhile MISSION WAS to create a space to re-introduce the enriching properties of working together in a kitchen; to present, make, produce, share and celebrate an annual calendar of handmade food with those that SAT AT, or provisioned our kitchen table. 

original VISION

to create a space that worked to restorethe heart of the grade II listed farnham pottery and aided the reanimation of a wider creative community  with A social and inspiring kitchen setting fuelled by fire and a sense of community; building wellbeing for our community through making and enjoying simple, wholesome and sustainable food. celebrating the craft of baking and the craft behind baking to promote a more traditional, seasonal productive, enjoyable and resilient way of living 

What a journey! Now we are closed it has been a pleasure to leave a space that everybody loves when they walk into it and a warm hearth that will continue to be enjoyed as part of the pottery future.

The joy of creating a space somewhere new is always yet to come....

 Hands on!

Hands on!

The Pugmill Bakehouse was proud to support international Slow Food principles and stood against the disappearance of local food traditions and people's dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world. 

in all that i do i seek to aid a shift in our present way of life towards the pleasures of the communal table.

Thanks for your attention.

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About the founder : Kay Richardson is a designer with a background in landscape architecture and urban design and a passion for social enterprise, seasonal dining and baking traditional food. Having lifelong culinary pyromaniac tendencies, finally getting a big wood-fired oven to play with is a dream come true.


Company Details: 

The Pugmill Bakehouse Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number 9822260

Registered office address: Park View, Prestwick Lane, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4XP

Phone: 07534 034532